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They don't care if I run softphone on my laptop, it's a non-issue.But they aren't going to setup port forwarding on the router just for me.

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If I manually enter external IP of the router in the field "Proxy for NAT" (in Profile Options - SIP Proxy), then I get a different error:"Critical Transaction Failed: Client INVITE transaction [calling]: timed out"What could be the problem?I have an alias that passes in some parameters to a tool that I use often. Unfortunately, of course, sudo doesn't recognise the alias.Does anyone have a hint on how to pass the alias through?But aliases are soooo handy sometimes, so it is a last resort.$ ct /etc/shadow cat: /etc/shadow: Permission denied $ sct /etc/shadow [sudo] password for dennis: root:[censored]...In this case, I have a bunch of options for perl when I'm debugging: sudo eval $(alias pd)\; pd ./mytool --some params sudo $(alias pd)\; pd ./mytool --some params sudo bash -c "$(alias pd)\; pd ./mytool --some params" sudo bash -c "$(alias pd); pd ./mytool --some params" sudo bash -c eval\ "$(alias pd)\; pd ./mytool --some params" sudo bash -c eval\ "'$(alias pd)\; pd ./mytool --some params'" I was hoping for a nice, concise way to ensure that my current pd alias was fully used (in case I need to tweak it later), though some of my attempts weren't concise at all.

My last resort is to put it into a shell script and put that somewhere that sudo will be able to find.

Screw extractor bits are invaluable when you need them. On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at PM, Andrew Latham Some (possibly) interesting answers: and -- Bill Weiss There is hopeful symbolism in the fact that flags do not wave in a vacuum. There are people walking around today alive because Pima County Sherriff's Deputies ALL had it in their first aid kits when they responded to the 2011 Tucson shootings. Mike On Mar 10, 2013, at AM, Aaron Glenn I keep a couple of RJ45 line joiners, a short crossover cable (for dealing with older gear that doesn't auto-MDIX, can be extended with a longer eth cable and one of the line joiners) and when I was dealing with fibre a lot, appropriate line joiners for the interfaces I used (SC-SC, LC-LC, ST-ST) or short lengths of patch leads with appropriate adaptors.

Whatever drill you choose, either make sure you can charge it where you go or bring a transformer. ---rsk I have a multi-tip screwdriver with built-in light, that I find very useful. In an emergency I want to know that I have the ends I need and the length I need to get stuff connected, even if I have to schedule a routine change later on to swap in the 'right' type of cable.

Can any one recommend brands/models of (preferably cordless) power tools they've used successfully?

Reading Amazon reviews is killing my few brain cells that remain.

So I would recommend talking to the work IS folks first...