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While the trend of about 0.4 degree Celsius per century at the lighthouses – as shown in Chart 1 – is arguably an accurate record of temperature change, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology changes this.To be clear, the Bureau changes a perfectly good temperature series from Cape Otway lighthouse by remodeling it so that it has Melbourne’s temperature signal – all through the process of homogenisation.

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You may have followed a broken link, an outdated search result, or It is possible that the page you were looking for may have been moved, updated or deleted.Doesn't sound like he's keeping up with the Kardashians all that much anymore ...but he does have some thoughts on the retro bedroom kink.The two coldest winters were 1740 (-0.73C) and 1963 (-0.07C).1963 was the perfect time to be a small child aged 10, sledging every weekend.To changes as small as that, the only reasonable response is "Who cares?

" There has been no change in UK average temperatures in summer(JJA) or in Spring(MAM) for the last 367 years.

The horizontal line is totally arbitrary, just a visual trick.

The whole graph would be a horizontal line if it were calibrated in whole degrees -- thus showing ZERO warming Central England Temperatures 1659-2016 show no trend The great trick in chartmanship is choosing your starting and ending points to show the sort of trend you want to show. So that is why a really long record is needed -- to avoid showing a small part of the record as typical of the whole. Look particularly at the summer temperatures (in red).

Data curtesy of the UK Met Office SOURCE UPDATE: Comment from a reader. The longer the tube of mercury the more accurate and finer reading one can take.

By the way, thermometers have been very accurate since they were invented........0 is the freezing point of water and 100 is the boiling point and God will not allow those to be changed. Homogenisation Used to Embed Artificial Warming Trend in Colorado Temperature Record After looking at hundreds of temperature series from different locations across Australia, I’ve come to understand that only cities show the type of warming reported by the IPCC, and other such government-funded institutions.

Much of this warming is due to what is known as the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect: bitumen, tall-buildings, air-conditioners, and fewer and fewer trees, means that urban areas become hotter and hotter.