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Updating bios for m2n32 sli deluxe

updating bios for m2n32 sli deluxe-85

Having installed the new board and re-installed all the components I tried a boot and ... It would not go into the bios and the screen was just blank.After a bit of thought and a bit of researched I deduced that the bios level of the new board (unknown) might not be sufficient to support the Phenom (minimum level 1502).

updating bios for m2n32 sli deluxe-21updating bios for m2n32 sli deluxe-40

I don't feel after spending all of this money I should have to be stuck with a limping motherboard with terrible sound.ASUS has a very good reputation qua BIOS Update support of their motherboards. You instead use this program and allow it to I figured that I would give it one more try.So this time I pulled the battery and set the jumpers to short out the remaining juice.I replaced the jumper and battery and was able to get into setup but it would not let me flash the bios. I did this a second time but left the battery out and the jumper on clear and rebooted. Knowing that you should save the bios update to a usb thumb drive and reboot into the bios setup to flash.

Notice that the utility "Asus Update" can download and flash your bios from Windows.4.

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Also the specs for sound were amazing, and I would really like to enjoy this aspect of the unit.

I also want to begin overclocking this unit instead of slowing down the internal speed.

My system is a self build as follows: Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe BIOS level 1052AMD Phenom 9850 Quad core 2.5ghz8GB DDR2 800 memory NVidia Ge Force 210 PCI-Express graphics card I ran a full system test using PC Doctor Toolbox which failed the PCI-Express. From this I gathered that the problem is with the motherboard which was confirmed by one of the techs at PC-Doctor.