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Stupid cupid dating website

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MORE: Top 6 Mobile Dating Apps While this is a weird question in the sense that it tells you nothing about a person’s personality, if you answered 89547, I’d probably consider a date with you. But this one is clearly targeting that same guy who wants to know if I feel an obligation to shave my legs.I don’t “let it grow, wild & free” nor “occasionally trim,” but I’ll bet there’s a manimal out there who would love to find someone who’s growing a forest.

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I do hope & wish to find someone who’s looking for something real. Well in my defense, your profile did say if you’ve read this far and think I’m awesome, stop reading and message me.And if you follow that logic to its conclusion, stupid people should be neutered.Wouldn’t it make more sense to castrate rapists and pedophiles? As a tech nerd, clearly I think of “cellular phone.” But I’m guessing the dater behind this question is most concerned with those that think “jail cell,” not those that answer “biology.” So how many jailbirds did that person have to meet through OKCupid to warrant asking this?So here's the deal - the internet makes everyone feel anonymous, and the anonymity of it makes some people tend to act stupid. This blog is dedicated to all of the stupid messages and conversations that people have on Ok Cupid, one of the biggest dating sites out there.From my blog at I know I said I was gonna just carry on with other stupidity, but this guy just kept going and it’s SO GOOD!And I’ll bet he likes to eat out of the trash and only showers once a month.

I imagine the person who proposed this question, and who is actively looking for a partner in life, feels that the answer here is yes.

I’m pissed off that yo fat ass ended up on my page lookin like bippty boppty boo.

Shit you ugly ass bitch you lucky you don’t get fucked up lookin like a ol nut sack you ugly ass bitch Me: lol wooooow… Guy: Shut yo fat ass up, I’m butt hurt cuz you ugly as hell, you fucked my whole day up wit that ugly ass picture bitch, god damn you need to delete yo shit immediately cuz don’t nobody want yo Krusty the clown lookin ass.

U definitely aren’t like there most, which is rare and hard to find but I would certainly love to get to know u, and see what could be Me: You are still ignoring one of the things I listed in my profile as something that will get you ridiculed… Lol so I did Me: Let me quote for you the sentence to which you are referring:“After you’re done with the bolded bits and you feel that you’re done reading my profile and have come to the (correct) conclusion that I am totally awesome, stop reading INSTANTLY and message me."Please reread the first 6 words.

Him: Lol, u know there is quite a bit of information there.

I hopped back on because I started to feel like I wanted more friends in the area.