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Speed dating tricks pua

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Pick-up artist, seduction techniques, and wingman tactics typically involve interaction with people who are not members of the Meetup group and who did not consent to being a part of these activities.

For example, a doctor could organize a healthy living Meetup and provide general knowledge about how to eat healthy.Meetup is not in a position to verify credentials or the credibility of promises or claims in these areas.This includes groups where professionals give specific advice in these fields.Organizers should review their Meetup groups and ensure at least half of their upcoming Meetups are in-person events.If necessary, remove online Meetups or add in-person Meetups. Meetup’s mission has not changed, but our Community Guidelines have been updated to better reflect our growing and diverse community.

Our Community Guidelines are the policies that outline what is acceptable on Meetup and what is not.

BBG, Is the email you listed in your post one from Meetup that was sent to someone you know?

While I have seen emails about them now prohibiting "dating services" and "pick up artist meetups", this is the first I'm hearing of not being able to have Meetup groups "for singles of a certain age, or singles in a certain location"?

With these changes, some things that used to be allowed on Meetup are no longer permitted.

We will contact organizers if they have created content or events that do not align with our new policies.

When group descriptions or titles are too broad or vague, members don’t know what to expect from that group.