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Indian Lands was enumerated at the end of Roll 54 1860 Arkansas Census.

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Microfilm A21 1835 in 1835 the Cherokee Nation contained almost 22,000 Cherokees and almost 300 whites connected by marriage. deceased, Orphaned and Cherokee and/or English names. Federal records #7RA-06 1851 West of the Mississippi Cherokee Nation - Northeastern Oklahoma District by district listing of the names only, some without surnames or in their children's name.Henderson Roll 1835 Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina. This needs to be compared with the 1896 Old Settler Payment roll for additional information. (more about) List of Cherokee still living in 1851 who were already residing in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) when the emigrants arrived in the winter of 1839, a result of the Treaty of New Echota.Gives the head of families, Indian half-breeds, quadroons and whites with a break-down by age for both male and females. Approximately one third of the Cherokee people at that time were Old Settlers and two thirds were new arrivals.are listed, not the Indian or the children, if any.Tompkins Roll 1867 Cherokee Nation in Northeastern Oklahoma A listing of 13,566 individuals in the various Districts of the nation showing their names either in Cherokee or English, sex, age and race.National Archives Microfilm #M-0685 12 rolls 1852 Indians east of the Mississippi River. National Archives Microfilm #M-0685 12 rolls List of those Cherokee actually receiving payment based on the Siler Roll.

Gives actually a payment receipt roll prepared by Albert Chapman and list the names, age and relationship to head of household for those listed taken from a census by D. This roll followed almost immediately the Siler Roll, as a result of complaints by various Cherokees having been omitted by Siler.

The final roll for allotting the land and terminating the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

The roll turned out not to be as final as expected.

A series of investigations was conducted in order to compile the rolls of the Cherokee Freedmen. Starr Roll 1894 For the Cherokee Nation Listing by enrollment number of head of household, names of members of the household, amount of payment, name of person receiving the payment and name of witness. Includes Cooweescoowee, Illinois, Saline & Tahlequah Districts.

Federal Records Microfilm #TRA-38 rolls 1-5 Cherokee Census Roll 1896 For the Cherokee Nation By District and Roll number the individual's name, age, sex, precinct, per cent blood or nativity, and place of birth. 651 applications received, 3277 persons applying for citizenship, final was 2530 authenticated and 1878 unauthenticated claims Dawes Enrollment Cards - NARA Index to the Final Rolls (Dawes) 1899-1907 Final Allotment Rolls For all Cherokee Listing by enrollee's name, post office, district, number (if assigned), parent's name and their district of residence, previous enrollments, variations of names, and much other information is given. Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory consisting of 634 pages of names.

Eastern Cherokees 1909 For all areas Alphabetical listing of head of households by those east and west of the Mississippi.