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This wonderful program contains a whopping 5 paragraphs on foreclosures.

I watch the program from time to time…and when they announced the book, I got on-line and ordered it (Flip and Grow Rich).But the real winner is how they cram the program down your throat.If you are even one day over when their tracking program says it was placed in your mailbox, you are stuck with it and they will not allow you to return it.I explained the problem and Merlin told me to return it and he would send me another.I sent the book back UPS, spending my own money ($8.50 approx).They also fight any disputes on payment, and the person you talk to in the sales office is also the supervisor (no matter who you speak to), and the only person higher to speak with is Armando, and he doesn’t speak to anyone.

These are some real pieces of canine excrement, /Caveat Emptor/ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The pages are correctly numbered but someone evidently wasn’t paying attention to the subject matter, nor do I believe they even went to not only an American school, but any school.

They made a major mistake the way they published it.

Even though we all live in different states, their program is based out of Draper, Utah.

If everyone contacted the Utah Attorney General maybe something can be done to benefit the people who have wasted their money and keep more people from making the same mistake. I responded to his radio ad for the “free” DVD, and subsequently accepted his Flip and Grow Rich package for a 30 day trial.

Look for negative reviews of the programs or materials and don’t trust the promises and guarantees offered by slick salesmen. Plaintiff sued Defendant in state court for breach of that oral contract in 2006, demanding approximately $7.5 million in damages, i.e., half of the net revenues from the three seasons that had completed filming prior to trial. After five days of trial in South Carolina federal district court, a jury returned a verdict awarding Plaintiff a little over $4 million, essentially half of the first season’s net revenues. The stories I’ve received and things posted in the comments over the past few years make it clear that there are many hardworking people out there who are easily led down unwise financial paths.