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Punjabi speed dating new york

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Cindy Stutts, licensed educator and founding board member of Rabbit Rescue and Rehab, said that these pairing sessions have always been part of what the organization offers to people as part of bunny education.

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Same-sex companions and unusual size combinations aren’t uncommon.When you really think about it this style of courtship successfully rides the fine line between what our parents generation finds acceptable (organized and controlled interaction with the opposite sex) and what the more liberated West would have us do (find a mate ourselves by dating as many people as possible, in search of that magical click). Winifred’s anxieties were clearly on display—trembling, heart-racing, scanning the room for the nearest emergency exit—she exhibited the symptoms that any single person would tell you are emblematic of the stressful (and sometimes traumatic) experience we like to call “the first date.” Not only is it Winifred’s first date, but it’s her first time speed dating.After lawyers said that the older Mr Singh, who claims he is entitled to a third of the family wealth under Sikh and Hindu tradition, was too ill to travel to the High Court in London's Fleet Street, the unusual decision was taken for his evidence to be heard in a conference room at the May Fair hotel, part of his son's hotel empire.Mr Singh Senior, wearing a traditional Sikh handkerchief to cover his head, and his wife, Amrit, were both brought down from their suite in wheelchairs and seated next to a doctor in charge of their care before the session began this morning.“It’s like a BFF more than a romantic thing,” said Johnston.

Despite being platonic in nature, the rabbit dating experience exhibits an uncanny resemblance to the real thing.

“What you saw today was close.” Mario and Winifred’s date lasted a few more minutes, before Frishberg separated the two, explaining that their interactions can’t go too fast, too soon. Once a successful date takes place, the owner returns for another session with the same rabbit to make sure that the connection is real before deciding to adopt the bunny and take it home.

Cindy Stutts, who also does bunny speed-dating by appointment on Saturdays and Sundays at the Lexington Avenue Petco, has been doing the sessions for over 15 years and said that seldom do the adopted bunnies get returned.

“The reason we do it is rabbits are highly territorial.

They’re so much more difficult to get along with one another than dogs and cats are.” According to the House Rabbit Society website, bunny bonding is primarily for companionship rather than romantic or reproduction purposes.

Much like a local café, the 6-foot diameter pen serves as a safe territory, therefore giving the prospective mates the opportunity to (literally) sniff each other out.