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Problems with dating asian men

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“A considerable literature attests to the emotional, health, and behavior risk problems of mixed-race adolescents.

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The female in this clip is not at all racist, her reasoning for not dating Asian guys is because Asian guys don’t approach her! There are plenty of women who want Asian guys to approach them. If you have the courage to go up to an Asian female, you should have the courage to go up to a white female! You have nothing to lose, like I said earlier, there are plenty of other fish in the sea. If you see any girl you want to go after, go after her! They’re also more likely to make poor decisions, such as drinking and smoking as youth.It’s important to note that academics directly attribute these problems not to environment, genetics, or discrimination, but rather to the harmful effects of lacking an identity.Whites, on the other hand, have little to gain by dating minorities." That situation doesn’t make for a very healthy relationship.

Perhaps this purely aesthetic attraction is why White-Asian marriages have a 4% higher rate of divorce than White-White marriages.

Race mixing denies its victims a birthright of heritage and forces them to struggle to create an identity themselves.

Having this connection to history—knowing that Viking, or Roman, or Spartan blood is coursing through your veins—gives you the confidence to achieve great things.

She thinks it’s a “cultural thing” that Asian guys only go for Asian females.

She isn’t the only one, as expressed in Timothy’s video and hundreds of other youtube videos.

If you want to avoid divorce—a pretty reasonable assumption—then it doesn’t make sense to marry an Asian.