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Paramedics dating nurses

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print a random ECG out and ask him to analyse it for you… You Know You’re a Paramedic When: (the Definitive List) 1. When you’re always checking out peoples’ veins for IV access. If you and your partner have discussed dinner plans over a dead body. When you have come to the conclusion that you are sicker than 3/4 of the people you take to hospital. You know you’re a paramedic when you wash your hands before using the bathroom. When you wipe your feet on the way out of people’s homes. When you back into parking spaces on your days off. When you are watching TV and get annoyed and point out all the inconsistencies of the TV medics. You spend your days off thinking about the calls the guys on shift are getting: the calls YOU are missing. All of your best stories start with “There was this one call where…” 50.

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We say stop nursing that crush — pardon the pun — and ask him/her out! Nurses are compassionate and patient, and are often great listeners. When someone needs a plaster and you pull out a trauma kit. When your home first-aid kit consists of OP airways, maternity kits and bag and masks! When your quick remedies kit for a hangover includes: 1L of Hartmann’s and a Maxalon 41. A few quiet days in a row equals an excellent call. When you and your partner are the only ones not panicking in the room. When you don’t let anybody get between you and the exit route at social gatherings. If you think getting off the layzee boy and answering the phone is a good form of exercise 38.Being a Paramedic means that you spend alot of your time in Emergency Departments…these are some of the nursing jokes that I’ve heard over the years… When a Doctor is really annoying you and you can’t get rid of him/her… ask him to have a listen to all your patient’s chests… With the majority of our work taking place on weekends, your weekend availability is essential.

These positions would ideally suit candidates living close to the Sunbury area.

You at all your friends and realize they work for an emergency service or a hospital 5. It drives you absolutely nuts when someone calls you an “Ambulance Driver” 7. You have an entire closet dedicated to uniforms 18. You can put together a complete sentence using numbers and acronyms. “LOL” doesn’t mean “laughing out loud” but rather it means “little old lady.” 54. You’re covered in some bodily fluid or another more often than not and it doesn’t bother you. You’re tempted to use “oxygen therapy” on all annoying people, not just patients: an O2 tank over the head fixes everything (especially in combative patients). You find random pairs of gloves in every pair of trousers you own, whether they be uniform or civvies. You want to throw something at the TV when they shock asystole on some TV show. When hot spots are not areas of heat in a babies bottle. (This is even worse than being called an ambulance driver.) 66. When you come home in a clean uniform after a 24- hour shift and your spouse automatically becomes suspicious of your whereabouts. You and your partner are deciding what kind of burger to order after the call while your patient is projectile vomiting! You remember every patient by their injury or disease and not their name. You trample over people to get out of the coffee shop, fly through traffic for “SOB (shortness of breath) and chest pain” only to arrive on the scene to find a sharply-dressed senior citizen who walks up to the ambulance and says,” Good! You resuscitate a regular patient and honestly question whether or not you have helped the community at all 81.

For those of you who have worked on-call: when your 4 year old daughter knows the work phone as the “money” phone. You ask yourself “what should I have for lunch” while attempting to pick up an extra piece of a limb at a motor vehicle accident 9. You arrive at home in your own car after work, and attempt to mark yourself “At Station” on an imaginary MDT. You know that when a kid has been injured the person who will take up most of your time managing at the scene will be the parent, regardless of how sick or injured the child is 12. You attend a regular patient, and play the game “how much of the patient health care record can I complete before I get there” 15. You lay your uniform, including socks, underwears, shoes, watch, and Ambulance keys down beside your bed in preparation for the “Big Job” – even when you’re off duty. You have at least one “things up people’s butts” story. You often finish a story with “and then he died” 56. You cringe when you arrive on scene and someone says you will need a chair or the patient can’t walk – umm… You don’t know how to operate all the nursing machines, but you can easily identify and utilize the silence buttons 82. You’ve never worked out the importance of taking a diastolic blood pressure 87. Although, unable to speak any other language, are adeptly fluent in all hand languages to signify that the patient can walk out to the Ambulance 89.

If you can offer a little patience and grace, you might discover that paramedics make great partners — and not just on the way to the scene of an accident.

Paramedics are methodical and quick-thinking — and don’t panic in an emergency. Because paramedics know how to diffuse panic, your date will likely know how to gently calm you down on stressful days. Paramedics really appreciate a break from the stress. If you pass out, throw up or get a nose bleed, he/she won’t run the other way. Paramedics, well aware of human fragility, want to live life to the fullest.

In their line of work, time is always of the essence. If you’re independent and fairly flexible, the time you do spend together will feel intentional and valued. Your date can probably help you danger-proof your life a little. Date a paramedic and you’ll never have to wonder how to treat a wound again. Paramedics understand the importance of partnership and loyalty.