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Is farrah abraham still dating daniel

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As for what her boyfriend, Simon Saran, thinks of her career, Abraham said he’s a fan — at least of her toy, 24, confirmed that she had, in fact, broken up with her on-screen love.

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PHOTOS: Farrah's bikini body Saran was Abraham's first longterm boyfriend since she dated Derek Underwood, the father of her daughter Sophia who tragically passed away prior to Sophia's birth.Her latest love appeared on the new season of "I'm not waiting two years to get engaged to you," she told him in one episode."That's for ugly girls, babe." PHOTOS: Teen Mom stars, then and now After one chaotic visit to Abraham's home in Austin, Texas to meet her daughter Sophia, fans thought the relationship might be over."The marriage thing was definitely a deterrent but it wasn't the end-all," he said, explaining that the cameras didn't capture everything."It began with Farrah completely degrading not only a helpless and innocent fast-food drive-thru attendant, but also two of my closest friends.News his side of the story, and what the cameras didn't catch."I did watch the episode and have mixed feelings about what appears to be my last appearance on the show.

I'm disappointed to see that they [MTV] jumped from a lovely dinner to me ditching her in Austin, which wasn't the case," Alvarez insists."The breakup happened after our dinner and after a night out on the town.

After filming wrapped on Season 4, Abraham released an explicit film, which featured her and Deen together.

Since then, Abraham has released a line of toys and a couple of erotic novels.

“Although I didn’t see Farrah’s initial reaction, I don’t believe she was surprised. In fact, he and Farrah haven’t spoken since their televised breakup. The last time we spoke [before this] was during our breakup and the last communication with her was a few days later when she was texting me all sorts of obscenities.” It looks like we can’t count on a romantic reunion anytime soon!

, viewers watched Farrah Abraham accompany boyfriend Daniel Alvarez on what was supposed to be a romantic trip to his hometown of Austin, Texas.

and her ex Daniel Alvarez revealed that he appeared on the reality TV show to try and give her some honest criticism about their relationship to aid the process.