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Honduran dating culture

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She was mummified, her painted red fingernails had been perfectly conserved.She was halfway buried in the middle of a sugar cane plantation.

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They can be very sensitive to comments or action that can jeopardize their standing among others.Through August, 361 rapes were reported, two-thirds of them against minors. Worldwide, women generally report only 20 percent of rapes, according to the World Health Organization, and that percentage is likely lower in El Salvador. “We have cases in which the mother knows how her daughter died, but she cannot talk because the gangsters who raped and killed her have come to the wake to offer condolences for their girlfriend,” said Silvia Juarez, a lawyer with the Gender Violence Observatory.“In this context, the state is incapable of offering protection.” Criminologist Israel Ticas, who digs up clandestine graves for the Attorney General’s Office, says more than half of the 90 sites he has excavated in the last 12 years have contained the remains of murdered women and girls.In a land of lakes and volcanos, clandestine graves appear like wild mushrooms after a rainstorm.In the evening, the cacophony of San Salvador traffic gives way to the squeals of wild parrots and, sometimes, to wails of grief for the dead.However, women are increasingly becoming doctors, dentists, or teachers.

When this will carry over into the business world remains to be seen.

Most of the violence is the handiwork of the Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street gangs, which were formed by migrants in the United States, then returned home and grew into warring forces of tens of thousands of gangsters.

Official numbers show just 239 women and girls among the murdered so far this year, about a tenth the number of men, with an additional 201 reported missing.

Rather, to the bodies of dead women and girls pulled from clandestine graves.

Raped, battered and sometimes cut to pieces, they attest to the sadistic abuse committed by members of street gangs.

“It’s the evolution of gang warfare, what’s going on in Honduras and El Salvador.