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File or directory is out of date try updating

file or directory is out of date try updating-78

,588 DEBUG Svn Repository Service,org.springframework.scheduling.quartz. Scheduler Factory Bean#0_Worker-7 - Commit path: ba/baoo.xkbml ,601 ERROR Svn Repository Service,org.springframework.scheduling.quartz.Scheduler Factory Bean#0_Worker-5 - Could not commit file ba/baoo.xkbml org.core.

file or directory is out of date try updating-24file or directory is out of date try updating-36

This happens to me all the time but I think it's not TSVN, but the Subversion client libraries doing it.This occurs in the typical merge from branch to trunk scenario (and probably in other scenarios).What typically works for me is to do another svn update after the merge, and then try to commit. If it fails, I do an svn cleanup, svn update, and then commit. I've seen this problem in versions of Svn/TSVN based on Svn 1.5.2, 1.5.4, and 1.6.1 (which is all the 1.5 versions I have seriously used).Please describe the exact steps you followed, the exact error message and when it appears.Simon -- : ___ : oo // \\ "De Chelonian Mobile" : (_,\/ \_/ \ Tortoise SVN : \ \_/_\_/ The coolest Interface to (Sub)Version Control : /_/ \_\ svn: E160024: File or directory 'ba' is out of date; The last index (last Idx) is null when I query My SQL and Oracle. It's the last processed revision, so 0 means to start at index 1, while a null index means to start at index 0.

Repo Revision rev = new Repo Revision(repository Url); rev.set(last Date, last Rev, last Idx); rev; Edit: Ah, last Idx is currently disabled. It's the Being null is valid for both the index and the nano field.

------------------------------------------------------ ds Forum Id=4061&ds Message Id=2274452To unsubscribe from this discussion, e-mail: hidden email. If merges give you mixed revisions, it would help to explain that in the FAQ, because I would expect that "mixed revisions" applies to your working base, and that merging leaves your working base alone and only changes your working copy.

(I hope I got the terminology correct there.) -- At this point, svn has failed for me.

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This description is too vague to give any idea what might be happening.

Since I am the one who wrote our internal wiki, what I have suggested to my fellow developers is based on but with a little more to it based on my own experiences: I really wish so much of my instructions didn’t look like hand-waving, but I haven’t come up with anything better, nor any “good” explanation of why this happens.