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The same year she left Harvard, 1988, her older brother, William, died in a swimming accident while on a family vacation.Elisabeth plays the girlfriend trying to have some semblance of a relationship with a seeming nutcase.The role of Sera in "Leaving Las Vegas" was the character of a lifetime for Elisabeth. What memento from "Leaving Las Vegas" did Elisabeth state in an interview that she kept?a one-time congressional candidate, lawyer, and real estate developer, who was president of the International Food and Beverage Corporation.Her mother was a vice president in the private banking division of the Chemical Banking Corporation Shue was raised with her three brothers (William, Andrew and John) and was very close to them.Elisabeth went on "Entertainment Tonight" and defended herself against the allegations that she and Val Kilmer were seeing each other, while she was married to "NYPD Blue" director Davis Guggenheim. Annie has to deal with a less than exciting husband, a child with an earache who needs amoxicillin, and a houseguest that she wants to spend more time with than her own husband-all during a blackout in "The Trigger Effect".

Elisabeth Judson Shue (born October 6, 1963) is an American actress, known for her roles in the films The Karate Kid (1984), Adventures in Babysitting (1987), Cocktail (1988), Back to the Future Part II (1989), Back to the Future Part III (1990), Soapdish (1991), Leaving Las Vegas (1995), The Saint (1997), and Hollow Man (2000).

"Leaving Las Vegas" was a very successful attempt at breaking the string of "thankless girlfriend" roles that she had wanted to move away from.

It garnered her a Best Actress Oscar nomination in 1995, which was won by Susan Sarandon for "Dead Man Walking".

Moreau, and had ice in his veins when competing at military flight school. In an interview around the release of "The Saint", Elisabeth described Val Kilmer as a perfectionist with a lot of ideas. Elisabeth has put family over career, an admirable, but professionally risky decision. The name Sheila was stuck in there for people not paying attention.

Elisabeth's character kept asking this saint "Who are you? The definitive clues are "Willow", "The Island of Dr. Her movie production has slowed, but remains somewhat steady at about one project per year. Miles was born in 1997 (coincidently on my birthday), and Stella in 2001.

She has won several acting awards and has been nominated for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA.