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Draya howard and chris brown dating

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According to sources, they started dating from August 2015 to July, 2016.Harris is an aspiring model and apparently she had a huge crush on Chris Brown before their supposed relationship.

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They remained friends and in 2013, Rihanna confirmed that she and Brown had rekindled their relationship. In a May 2013 interview, Chris Brown stated that his relationship with Rihanna was over again.However, these are just passing rumors as none of the stars have confirmed anything.There were very few pictures of Harris and Brown together, so whatever it was, it died down pretty quickly.When it comes to Chris Brown’s dating timeline, how can we not mention Rihanna?Rihanna and Brown were friends since 2005 and they became romantically involved with each other in 2008.Sources have not confirmed whether or not Chris and Cydney are dating, but rumors are still flying that maybe they are!

It has been rumored that Chris Brown and Ammika Harris were dating for almost a full year.

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