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On the June 29 episode of Raw, Rusev and Rae confronted Lana and Ziggler, leading to a fight between Rae and Lana.On the July 6 episode of Raw, Rusev and Rae once again confronted the couple, which turned out to be a ruse, as Rusev viciously attacked Ziggler after hitting him with his crutch and removed his ankle brace, revealing that his foot injury had healed.

The following week on Raw, Reigns interrupted Rusev and Lana's wedding re-enactment, and issued a challenge to Rusev for the title.While wrestling for VPW, he was managed by Markus Mac.After his neck healed, Rusev made his NXT television debut on the May 30, 2013, episode, competing in a battle royal to determine the number one contender to the NXT Championship that was won by Bo Dallas.Despite his injury, Rusev still appeared on television and made further attempts to reconcile with Lana.Lana then began a storyline relationship with Dolph Ziggler, while Summer Rae began an alliance with Rusev.Rusev and Jack Swagger once again feuded in December, leading to Rusev successfully defending the United States Championship against Swagger at TLC.

At the Royal Rumble, Rusev entered the Rumble match at number 15, eliminating six other contestants and placing second overall. How they get Rusev back on track as a killer after this segment is beyond me, which may have been the intent".

At TLC, Rusev defeated Ryback by technical submission to end the feud. Mc Mahon and would continue to target WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns.

Rusev would enter the Royal Rumble match at the #2 spot, but he would be eliminated by Roman Reigns in one and a half minutes.

A week later, on November 30 episode of Raw, Lana returned to the WWE, once again as a villainess, and reconciled with Rusev, during a Miz TV segment, and later in the same night, the two joined Sheamus' new stable The League of Nations.

Throughout December, Rusev started a feud with Ryback, with Lana faking injuries to distract Ryback and help Rusev gain advantage.

He lost the United States Championship to Cena in a rematch at Wrestle Mania 31 after a miscommunication with Lana, ending his reign at 146 days and marking his first pinfall loss on WWE's main roster. Rusev failed to regain the championship the following month at Extreme Rules in a Russian Chain match; during the match, Lana garnered a positive reaction from the crowd, leading to Rusev banishing her from ringside and causing dissension between the two.