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Dating small talk ideas

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Then they will take turns listing topics in their inappropriate piles.) Elicit from students, and post on the board (and if needed provide more) possible ways to express discomfort or change the subject if an acquaintance brings up a topic a student doesn’t want to discuss. In groups (after a demonstration), students play a board game in which the spaces they land on direct students to draw a card from the pile of appropriate topics and 1) initiate a conversation on that topic, 2) carry on a 2 minute conversation with the next player on that topic, 3) make a brief comment on any of the topics, or 4) refer back to an earlier student’s comment and continue the conversation.If it is not sunny, a sarcastic comment about the weather will suffice but not lead anywhere useful. The Latest Movies If you have seen a movie in the past month, by all means, share this information.Keep in mind that twenty-minute cartoons about bear detectives that you pass off as “movies” to give you a respite from your children’s bickering do not count.(Again, discuss reasons if students can’t: it sets a friendly tone for business meetings or encounters with neighbors, co-workers, and others we deal with frequently, and it generally keeps social relations pleasant.) Ask students about their experience with small talk in their own culture and in English.Point out that some topics of conversation are appropriate for making small talk and others are not.If a student cannot think of anything to say within 30 seconds or so, he or she does returns to his/her previous spot until the next turn.

The next player, after rolling the dice & moving to a new space, may either respond to the previous player’s unanswered card or draw another.

Do not reveal that everyone who knows you laughed when you said you were going to a sporting event.

Do not reveal that you still think of these things, in lump sum, . News Safe topics include disapproval over current conservative politicians, sadness over recent celebrity deaths (barring revelations of misogyny and/or racism in the wake of said deaths), support for recent protests, and baby goat videos.

Don’t feel too bad about sheltering yourself from what you don’t want to know, and don’t feel too bad about failing to shelter yourself either. Don’t question the ownership of your body, or what it means to take a risk on love, or what responsibility you have to your own self vs.

your children, and for god’s sake, do not in any way shoehorn these questions into small talk, no matter how much you’ve had to drink. Family This is, by far, the easiest thing to talk about, but beware of going overboard. Or, rather, you don’t want to sound like you have nothing to talk about besides your kids, even though everything you do that isn’t work is with your kids, and you feel the strain like a pulled muscle when you are gone from them too long, and you are worried about your oldest, and then worried about your youngest, and like it is when they are climbing on your shoulders and wrapping themselves around your legs, they leave little space for anything else.

Problem 1: Students may be unsure what topics are acceptable to discuss in English-speaking cultures.