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Dating site picture troll

Here’s an actual quote: After a while, he lay on his back and asked me to suck his cock. Some of my friends told me that black men usually had very big cocks and I did not know if that was true.

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Several months back, I was hired on Fiverr to write a testimonial for an erotica collection; the writing was so bad that it would have failed a community college ESL class.Despite this, I still left two clues as to “Virginia’s” real identity.Her surname is derived from found out on their own, but none of them come to mind right now.Unfortunately, a botched database update led to all my work being wiped out; lacking any backups, I gave up a week into the project.The only remaining evidence of is the long-dormant Twitter page.from search engines alone, and assembled a nice coterie of beta orbiters. Because if I have to write another article as “Virginia,” I’m going to vomit. Mainly, I was getting sick of both all the “red pill women” who were suddenly flooding in and doing a virtual striptease to the delight of every paper alpha jerking off in their blog’s comments.

was the culmination of about a year’s worth of frustration and amusement at the more obnoxious quarters of the manosphere.

I put a condom on his cock and sucked it until he shot his load.

in the form of the blog, I would be able to sell more consistently than if I were to just publish books on Amazon or wherever.

Second, I would charge more than $.99 for my books (and subsequently write books that were long enough to justify higher prices).

With all this in mind, I decided to write my own smut collection.

Writing erotica is an enormously unglamorous enterprise. Unless you’re willing to go into taboo territory—say, describing a girl who gets banged in the ass so hard that her bladder bursts and she pisses herself—you’re basically just finding new synonyms for “fuck,” “dick” and “pussy.” While I like to think that going for at least a year, at which point the site would have accumulated enough SEO juice and credibility to become a source of passive income.