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As one of 12 party-loving homeless men in the manor at Ekeby, Gösta Berling becomes a leading spirit.But the evil Sintram lures the men into making a deal with the devil, which leads to the Mistress of Ekeby leaving home.

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The Lentovs, who fled from Nazi Germany before the war, becomes closely linked to Simon’s own family as the two boys make the transition from childhood to adulthood.(by Selma Lagerlöf, 1891) A priest defrocked for misbehaving and drinking, Gösta Berling wants to die.The Mistress of Ekeby saves him from freezing to death and takes him in.Desirée is an ‘April witch’, which means that she’s able to see through other creatures’ eyes and can make them take her wherever she wants to.In her quest to find out which of her three foster sisters has stolen her life, Desirée becomes an invisible presence in their lives, following them, biding her time.CHALLENGES OF THE LATIN AMERICAN OPEN ACCESS PUBLISHING MODEL This is a guest post by Ivonne Lujano, DOAJ Ambassador, Latin America A current search in the DOAJ database reveals that there are 916 journals from Latin America and the Caribbean that have been accepted after the implementation of stricter DOAJ criteria in March 2014.

This represents approximately 16% of the journals that have gone […] Read More...

Set more than 100 years ago, Nobel Prize winner Martinson’s book still feels up to date.

by Mikael Niemi, 2000) Matti and his silent friend Niila grow up in Pajala in the very north of Sweden, in an area called Vittula.

He is now Professor of Chemistry at University of Bejaia, Director of the Laboratory of Organic Materials and Editor in chief of […] Read More...

UPDATE ON REAPPLICATIONS AND NEW APPLICATIONS In March 2014 DOAJ implemented much more detailed criteria for listing, which enabled DOAJ to provide granular information enabling universities, research funders and governments to check journals for compliance with Open Access policy and mandate requirements.

This is the 1960s/70s, when roads are covered with asphalt, small farms are closed and rock music hits the radio.