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Dating customs elizabethan era

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If the father of the young lady agreed, courtship and, after a negotiation of dowry, marriage would eventually take place.

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It was also illegal for secret wedding ceremonies to be held.Sometimes, women were even shipped to the colonies and sold to the highest bidder.Although the specifics of the marriage customs and ceremony varied depending on the person's culture, marriages were still more business arrangements than loving relationships.In many cases, this was the reason behind the wedding.A dowry wasn't necessarily money; it was also land or goods.Throughout Western history, marriage has existed as an important social contract and cultural event.

However, weddings and the institution of marriage have changed dramatically since ancient times.

The upper classes would usually meet at social engagements such as parties.

The lower classes would meet through church and church-sponsored functions.

A number of modern wedding customs have their roots in Elizabethan weddings, which often included the following: According to Genealogy Magazine, marriage in American colonial times, from about 1620 to the late 1700s, had some unique characteristics.

Because most of the colonial settlers were male, white women of marriageable age were in great demand.

Men, of course, viewed courtship as more business than pleasure.