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Dating confessions

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When you think you’ve found the one, only to find out they’re trying to pull some BS like this: Source 8.

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When you always suspect that bae is thinking this: Source 7. Champagne night I was on a date and everything seemed to be going really well, until some random bloke poured majority of his beer all down my back and as I am short in went in half my hair as well.I was livid so my bloke took me back to the hotel where he opened a bottle of champagne to charm me back into being a happy being again, only champagne and me don't mix well.This is going to be an honest account, every word you read will be true. I’m ambitious, busy and I work from home so I don’t get much chance to meet people. Next time you’ll hear about my first interactions, maybe I’ll have even had a date! • Faiza Siddiqui: my sex life after injury • Disability and TV: is it time for our close up?If you have a disability and are looking to date, I’ll share what worked for me so you can copy it. The most direct way to get some results fast seems to be online dating so I’m going to hit that shit like a bullet train. Signed up on Plenty Of Fish ( because it’s free and has the largest user base. Written myself a profile and added a picture, just a mugshot, not the chair! Dating or in a relationship and want to tell your story?We had started getting frisky when I passed out half way through!

One minute I'm in heaven next minute I'm waking up wondering what the hell happened! Once I had a big date ahead of me, and I was so nervous!

I don’t know what to think so I’m going to find out through experiment. Message me for emotional blackmail, trash TV and Herpes. The key appears to be to separate the wheat from the chaff, the dirt from the gold, the meth addict from the naturally skinny, the VD-ridden prostitute from the harmlessly slutty. The good ones are easy to spot, they stand out like the disabled guy at a concert.

Over the next few weeks you’ll be able to read all sorts about my misadventures. Every few weeks, maybe more often, you’re going to get an exciting update on my progress so you can get a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to date with a disability… Listen, the honest reason I’m still single is because I’ve put no effort into finding someone. INSIDER TIP: If you’re worried about your competition, check out their profiles, most of the guys I looked at are nothing special, total douchebags or worse. • The Undateables: what’s it doing for disabled people?

Everything was going perfect until I went to the loo and when I went to zip up my skirt, the zip broke leaving my pants nicely on display!

I panicked for about five minutes and then realised I had to tell him.

We’re back with another batch of your dating secrets.