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Christian dating other religions

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If someone has already irreversibly hardened their heart, ‘evidence’ will not suffice anyway. Your support is vital in keeping this site going and growing.

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As a result this person has spent his whole life preaching stuff he hasn’t even seriously considered or researched himself, as the minister concerned didn’t believe the Bible himself! I won’t speculate as to whatever deep-seated factors could be driving those in that particular position, but my point is that they are definitely a tiny subset of the ‘non-believing’ population.Whereas the average person often assumes that the Bible can’t be trusted because of doubts about the validity of its (Genesis) history, and by giving folk the chance to voice their reasons, not only does it mean that one can see where the problem lies, but also point them to the potential answers.The proof of the pudding in such questions is of course what actually happens.So a person using the approach in that article would occasionally meet someone armed with smart repartee, but then they would usually be people who had already erected massive barricades against belief anyway, for whatever reason.We'll talk about my holy book this week, and we'll talk about the Bible next week." And if you are wired to be involved with an intellectual person at that level, then yes! I just want to avoid the train of thought that says, "In order to be a credible Christian you've got to read the Qur'an, or you've got to read the Hindu holy books, or you've got to read the book of Mormon." I don't think so.

Most people don't have the time, the inclinations or the intellectual wherewithal to read all the things in the world.

Indeed the early Christians were called atheists by the Romans because they did not believe in the Roman gods. For a start, Jesus said He was the only way to God (John 14:6 “”), so if Christianity is true, the other ways are false (law of the excluded middle in logic).

However, the word “atheism” derives from the Greek that literally means “no God belief”. I daresay that few atheists would regard Mormonism or Jainism or the pantheon of gods in Hinduism or Shintoism worth a second thought; only Christianity is seen as a viable threat and hence the enormous energy expended by atheists in trying to argue against the propositions of Christianity (witness the writings of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, etc. And in spite of the serious threat of Islam to the freedom of all people, few atheists seem to have the courage to criticize it.

Because deep down they feel unworthy (but would never admit this—not even to their spouses! Often statements get made that are 2nd or 3rd hand from someone else, with the person not having actually studied the material much themselves. As I progressed myself I came to understand the value of doing your own study and the soul searching that results.

It really is far too easy to profess to have been “taught by a great minister when I was young who could speak 8 languages (so must be much smarter than you!

Christian dating can be tricky when trying to meet a great date who shares your Christian faith.