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Caveman dating and body language

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A person in much of the US who sits with hands crossed over the chest, and with legs crossed, may be sending an unintended message that they’re really not open to talking.Some people are excellent at reading these kinds of messages, and we do have to be careful what we may be conveying, especially when we’re being judged, particularly in things like dating or job interviews.

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If you really think your body language is off or needs improvement, picking up a book on nonverbal communication can help.Body language encompasses facial expressions, bodily movements or gestures, such as motioning or signaling by the hands, eye contact, postures of the body and tactile expressions.In today's era of globalization, which has brought the world together as if on the palm of a hand, it has become imperative to understand and respect the different cultures that form the very basis of human existence.Body language is the key to know and interpret a persons mind and the sense of touch forms an important part of understanding a mans body language.Men display a lot of emotions and feelings through the non-verbal cues associated with touch, and this body language has been found to work wonders in many cases, where it has been difficult to figure out a persons mind through verbal expressions.Wondering how your Knight in Shining Armor feels about you?

It might be a simple surmise as reading a man's body language is far easier and predictable than understanding the complex working of a woman's mind.

Evading eye contact may say you’re shy or being deceptive, or alternately, it can convey annoyance or disgust with someone.

How we gesture can tell people the level of confidence we have, or if we’re a little too emphatic in our opinions. Moderate gesturing may simply suggest we’re engaged and confident in what we have to say.

Successful communication is highly dependent on the gestures and demeanor of the speaker.

Research reveals that about 60 to 70 percent of the human attraction is elicited from the body language of the orator or the non-verbal communication.

Eye contact is another key element of non-verbal contact in much of the Western world.