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Asp update not updating

asp update not updating-51

However, I have been unable to update the value of the asp:label.

asp update not updating-81

Here is my code (simplified): You are not fully understand the way that Ajax and Update Panel work.Hi foxdevel5000, You can wire the On Text Changed server-side event which will be raised when the Auto Post Back property of the corresponding Rad Input control is set to true, the user types valid entry and the input loses focus.I have a Grid View with a couple of Template Fields. My Grid View: Auto Generate Delete Button="True" Auto Generate Edit Button="True" Cell Padding="3" Grid Lines="Horizontal" Data Source ID="sds Vans" Data Key Names="Van Id" Auto Generate Columns="False" Css Class="wa Grid View" Allow Paging="True" Show Footer="true" Horizontal Align="Center"" Select Command="SELECT Van Id, Vendor Van No, Vendor Code, Start Date, End Date, Status, Active FROM dbo. Vans set Vendor Van [email protected] Van No, Vendor [email protected] Code, [email protected], [email protected], Start [email protected] Date, End [email protected] Date where Van [email protected] Id" Delete Command="Delete from dbo.That thread runs in an infinite loop waiting each run for 1 second.Now I would like to show the stuff it got from the WCF service in a label.If the update were not working, I would expect that the Delete would not work either. If so, try defining an Update Parameters collection where you typecast each parameter using the proper "Type" (use the other post in which I explained to you the use of the Update Parameters) and try it again.

-- HTH, Phillip Williams wrote: I am using this update command: Update Command="Update dbo.

I added the two alert rows and the report the proper information in each case.

Whether I use a class name or a Client ID the label control is properly identified and the new Line Total is always being computed correctly.

You can probably then rework your Thread function by outputting the required values into a global variable and/or with a static implementation.

=p PS: Microsoft Update Panels are easy to develop but make your site very slow. You need to place your Scriptmanager before any controls that will use it. You also need to set the Auto Post Back property to true on the dropdownlist for the selectedindexchange event to fire on it. if you want to trigger Async-Postback in your Update Panel if the User changes the Drop Down List, you have to specify an Async Postback Trigger for the Update Panel, because the Drop Down is outside of it.

When I click the update link the Gridview returns to display mode with no errors but the data from bound text fields or dropdown list isn't updated in the table. Vans where Van [email protected] Id" I am using this update command: Update Command="Update dbo.