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Arabella stuart portait dating 1610

She didn’t want to see Arbella have children who might become rivals for her throne.In 1588, Arbella became a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth and lived at court.

arabella stuart portait dating 1610-86

Her father died of consumption in April of 1576 and his earldom went to another male relative.It is unclear if Arbella was actually in love with Essex but she was sent home to Bess in disgrace.This unfortunate incident led to a decade long exile from court.When her grandmother died, all her English properties went to Queen Elizabeth I, leaving Arbella with no title or income.All her life, Arbella and her relatives, including her aunt, Mary Queen of Scots, tried to restore her Lennox title to her to no avail.Margaret feigned sickness and Bess nursed her, leaving the two children supposedly alone.

The two were married without Queen Elizabeth’s permission and Margaret and Bess pretended to be ignorant as to how the marriage came about saying the two children fell in love and were married before they could be stopped.

Arbella received a stellar education, learning the classics and several languages.

Throughout her life she would always find solace in reading and studying.

Arbella continued her studies but she increasingly resented the restrictions she was forced to live under with her grandmother.

Arbella recruited her uncle, Bess’ son Henry Cavendish in an ill-fated attempt to extricate herself from Hardwick Hall. There were increasingly bitter confrontations between the two women and in 1602, Arbella had enough and started to plan her ultimate getaway.

An intellectual and political neophyte, her expectations in life would result in a tragic ending.