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That doesn’t mean though that I don’t look at this issue as one that doesn’t involve me. It involves everyone who wants to keep their right to decide what’s best for themselves and their children.

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Using the internal mail system, you'll remain totally anonymous and discreet until you've met someone special and you're ready to reveal more about yourself.

For entrepreneurs, bootstrapping means extending your resources (usually cash) until the cash from the sales (revenues) of your company generate earnings and cash necessary to support both your family and the company.

But, all new ventures require startup capital (cash) to fund the business until a product or service can be sold.

And there are additional reasons to bootstrap, rather than raise money now: Bootstrapping is a time-proven method for extending the funds available to start a company until the cash generated from earnings is available to fund the growth of the business.

Bootstrapping can also be used to describe the extension, for as long as possible, the expenditure of invested capital in early stage ventures.

Don’t raise money from outside sources for your startup venture unless you absolutely must! Make do with your own resources, keeping 100% of the equity in your new company, for as long as possible.