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Gina lollobrigida haircolour eyecolour

Table shows the hair and eye colour categories from this population.

Gina lollobrigida haircolour eyecolour-89Gina lollobrigida haircolour eyecolour-84Gina lollobrigida haircolour eyecolour-77Gina lollobrigida haircolour eyecolour-62

From all volunteers, venous blood was collected and DNA was extracted using Nucleon Genomic DNA extraction kit (Tepnel Life Sciences PLC, Manchester, UK).Their hair colour was measured from 6 scalp hair sites: left and right frontal (8 cm superiorly from supraorbital ridge), left and right temple (8 cm laterally from supraorbital ridge), left and right occipital (5 cm laterally from occiput) using tristimulus L*a*b* colorimetry with a Minolta spectrophotometer CM-2600d (Minolta Co., Ltd, Osaka, Japan).Means of triplicate measurements over all sites were taken.Initial validation of SNP associations with hair colour in the Scottish population used a subset of participants from the Danish cohort (N = 210) with subsequent follow up in the whole sample.The hair colours were classified as dark (dark blond, brown, black) or light (fair, light blond).Subjects with dyed hair and/or who were not of north-European origin were excluded from the study.

The eyes of the participants were photographed and categorized into blue, grey, green hazel or brown by inspection.

Blood samples were collected from all volunteers and DNA was purified using the QIAamp DNA blood minikit according to the manufacturer protocol (Qiagen).

The project was approved by the Danish ethical committee (ref.

Thus, for example, brown eye and hair colour was mapped to chromosome 15 by linkage [].

Association analyses between hair colour and SNPs in Europeans have been more informative than linkage analyses and have revealed associations with several genes, most already known from mouse or human pigmentary mutations; ].

Blond and red hair colours are commonly seen variations in Europeans, but are rare in other populations.